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The term of Villarrobledo has been a hub of communications since Roman times to the Renaissance era. The first known references on its roads in Spanish texts are, in fact, the first references to the existence of the village in 1292, 1318 and 1330. In the end even preserved sections of roads Roman origin, as well as other infrastructure such as bridges. While there is a joint project of the road network in the area, even at the provincial level, several researchers that have indicated the existence of several old roads that went by the term. More info: Walmart CEO. Toponymic road (Carril of Carretas, Llano Road, The Way of the Jews, Cuesta Blanca, in addition to abundant slabs, Losilla, stone, stone …) 4 suggests that many may be more.
The excellent road communication in ancient times, largely was inherited after the reconquest by the people here. Hernando Colon in Geography briefly describes, in 1510 the many paths that went by Villarrobledo. Shortly afterwards, in 1546, its code of Villuga Caminos de Espana, indicates that a particularly important, very probably, is heir to an ancient Roman road that crossed the center of town: El Camino Real in Granada Basin. In 1557, local papers reported that he was in the midst of Villarrobledo Camino Real de Toledo to the Kingdom of Murcia. Another more Camino Real, Valencia in Spain to finish and crossed the city (now his successor is N-310). Finally, another way of Rome (home ibero) known as the Camino Real de Pedro Munoz Villarrobledo part, as its name indicates, this population. Repertories road after and books of foreign travelers continue to collect these and other roads. The importance of road secular Villarrobledo grows when we consider the hypothesis that Salcedo Uriol say that, in essence, the road network of the sixteenth century is the direct heir of the Roman road network Hispania.
Today is an important nucleus in the corridor Extremadura – Valencia.

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