Rugby July 6, 2019 at 2:02 pm

The conflict in enterprise organizations need a locker room talk one of the sources of more confusion in the field of communication children’s belief that closing their eyes danger disappears constitutes it. The human being is usually highly adverse to the conflict and so as not to face a situation where you have to settle with emotional problems or communication, plunges placidly in the narcosis of denial, thinking that the attitude of the ostrich is a strange organizational wisdom. Companies generally have a strong resistance to talk about the emotional dynamics that hatch in the daily work and illusorily believe that the execution of a task can run independently of the interpersonal conflict and in a spontaneous and magical synchronized execution. Regardless of the success of a sports team may obtain in the performance of a sporting event, the enormous asymmetry that exists between the time of the execution (90 minutes in a football match or 80 in the case of the) Rugby), high-performance teams lost much of the week’s training in the metabolization and elaboration of emotional conflicts generated by the friction of the game itself. It is very common to hear the players express who spoke in the week and the climate in which the group is thus as the dialogue that could carry out to get unpacked, conflict situations that enable them to a less polluted execution before the next meeting. Yet at the same time of the execution, costumes constitutes a clear turning point that tries to correct directions unwanted towards the proposed achievement on some occasions. The life of enterprises on the other hand likes sports metaphor and encourages his players to put the shirt and play on computer but dispensed very shortly to talk clearly the logical desynchronizations that produces any employment relationship as well as natural frictions involving a task in common.

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