Russian Card March 26, 2020 at 11:26 pm

Making business card should pay special attention to properly consider the sketch, select the paper size and the way manufacturing. It is this small rectangular piece of thick paper can benefit you provide to create the right impression, effectively surprise, or, conversely, forever spoiling the impression.

It is important to know not only that must contain a business card, but how it should be treated when it should apply, as it is better to do, who should do first, for example: the first user gives to a subordinate supervisor, a man a woman. Design business cards are not should be especially bright and flashy. If this card a person’s business, then the design should be simple, strong and clear. To those who wish to use the contacts on business cards, could quickly find the necessary his phone number or address. Typically, business card holders made just under a certain standard size, and store cards with different sizes is not very convenient, so it is preferable to use a standard size 50h90 mm.

Paper is better choose monotonous 270-300 g/m2, preferably a light background, is almost always the color of the paper. Desirable to choose a standard font, in black, dark blue or dark green. Also need to be carefully traced to the text information on business cards made no mistakes, because In some cases, the card serves as identification. We make business cards with printing black and white and multicolor. On business cards can be printed personal data, details company, means of travel and slogans – all texts, all kinds of fonts in Russian and English. Avoid the temptation of saving to get a homemade, homegrown business card, if you’re not a designer, not an artist or not professional in the field of advertising graphics. With a modern office, you do have a real opportunity to make a small print run of cards, for example, print them on inkjet or laser printer. In this case, the cost of design and manufacture of circulation in print cabin seems you saved and it’s nice. Do not make this mistake. Amateurism in the design of business cards are usually seen at once. Running into circulation a user you can destroy yourself and your business. It would seem that such a simple element of printing, as business card should not take much effort, but even in the matter of design, availability of information and all other matters related to the production business cards, you must contact the webmasters, polygraph experts.

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