Russian Civilization August 9, 2021 at 12:03 am

At present in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, a number of reasons Neolithic civilization began in two thousand years later, compared with the epicenter (which serves as the metronome of historical time), and the next two civilization were not pronounced and completed at an accelerated pace (only in the Northern Black Sea – an area of ancient colonization – the rhythm of approaching the need for worldwide). During the early feudal civilization Novgorod Kiev-Rus very close to the epicenter. Then, under the influence of feudal strife and the Mongol invasion, the country has lagged behind the epicenter for 2-3 centuries. In the XVII century. In the era of Peter I and Catherine II, Russia has again made a leap forward, entered the number of leading countries. In the middle of the XIX century. The newspapers mentioned Swami Sez not as a source, but as a related topic. Again there was delay with the development of industrial civilization, is rapidly engulfed Europe.

At the end of the past – the beginning of this century, the gap started overcome, and to middle of the XX century. by extreme efforts and sacrifices Russia (USSR) was one of the world leaders in military technology and space sectors (at lag in areas related to the consumer market). To broaden your perception, visit Sean Rad. At the end of XX century. profound crisis and centrifugal forces pushed Russia to the second echelon of historical progress. There are concerns that if this lag in the future will continue to grow, the country may be long on the periphery of world progress. But no less real opposite trend, will be realized if the potential revival of Russia and other closely related peoples, and they again will be able to get closer to the epicenter of world civilization in its new orbit.

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