Safaris Air December 23, 2016 at 9:11 am

The agency "OK-SAFARI" – hunting advice, hunting company, safaris, trophy hunting and fishing. Taimen and sea fishing. Hunting in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, Karelia, Kyrgyzstan, Africa and around the world. Hunting for bear, elk, wild boar, deer, elk, deer, wolves, geese. Mountain hunt Marco Polo sheep, snow sheep, ibex, chamois.

Hunting leopard, buffalo, lion, elephant, rhino. Hunting. Photo Hunt. Hunting for antelope in South Africa. Hunting Safaris in South Africa. Hunting for ilanda.

Hunting for oryx. Hunting for kudu. Hunting for a wildebeest. Hunting for hartebista. Hunting for Impala. Hunting for a warthog. Hunting for a zebra. Hunting for buffalo. Hunting for water goat. African safari. Condition: 5 comfortable cottages – 'bungalow' with air conditioning, veranda, counted for 2 people. One cottage is designed for 4 people and is ideal for families. Each cottage has a bedroom, bathroom with bath, shower, hot and cold water, toilets, electricity, air conditioning. Lodge on the territory of the outdoor swimming pool, bar, 'boma'-national place for BBQ, open house for breakfast and lunch in the open air,' trophy ' lounge with TV, belyardom, fireplace, kitchen. At the same time at the lodge can accommodate up to 15 people. In addition, there is a possibility of accommodation in nearby lodges, two comfortable single-storey cottages, for 2 man, and one two-story cottage of 3 rooms, each room is designed for 2 people. The cottages have a private bathroom, shower, hot and cold running water, toilet and electricity. There is an outdoor swimming pool, bar, Trophy breakfast room, boma. Meals 3 times a day, with dishes of national cuisine and wild game, the bar offers South African wines, beers with 'biltongom' (dried meat) and 'Dry pile' (dried sausage), soft beverages. Communications: Satellite telephone and IP-telephony, mobile phones in the lodge, internet access. Communication equipment for hunting: radio Transportation for field trips and hunting: Isuzu, with air conditioning, soft seats, minibus Volksvagen, up to 7 people, with air conditioning.

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