Seeking Quality Professors October 18, 2018 at 3:02 pm

Wanted professor Although the difficulties or of any reason takes that it to give up, remember me. I am child, taste to play, of a good colloquy, to compete, of challenges and a good one NOT in the alias process. I depend on you to progress. Many times I am alone in house without having with who to count, therefore my parents almost do not have time stop in the lies helping me. He has patience with me. I trust you, mirror in you wanted me professor and friend. He believes that still he has children good that they go to the school to learn, if for integrating, if for amusing.

He does not leave that the media distorts my image making with that you have fear of me. I only want its attention, its special look for my difficulties and its compliments for my conquests. I wait for its impulse moves that me for front. He believes, I have much love to give to you. I observe each step its, I know accurately when it is sad or with problems. When I arrive in house I imitate its movements, I repeat its you speak. You are very important for me. You can not know, but me I worry each time that you lack.

I feel homesicknesses, taste it hugs when me and it smiles for me. I only want that it knows that I still exist and yearning for its lessons. Wanted professor I ask for to it that never it gives up me. For you a thousand flowers in signal of my love. Congratulations per its day.

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