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When you select a battery, many believe that more than its capacity, the better. That might be so if your car generator could provide enough battery power. If you do not always provide appropriate charge, the batteries can quickly become unusable, because this part must constantly work (give the current and charge again). Overcharging is also not desirable for the battery, as nedozaryad. Recommended for replacement install the battery for about the same capacity that was installed on your vehicle at the factory. It is important for battery replacement battery to comply with its polarity and dimension because otherwise the length of wires may not be enough to connect a new battery, the battery can not be well established or just do not fit in the allotted her in the car seat. Likewise, we must remember that different battery terminals are of different types. Legend types of batteries, manufactured in Russia under item 5.6.

Standard 959-2002: For example, consider the marking of batteries 6ST-55AMZ Here the first number indicates the number of series-connected batteries in the battery (usually 6 or 3) and characterized by its nominal voltage (12V or 6V). The following letters explain the purpose of the battery by function (ST – starter). After a hyphen followed by a number indicating the nominal capacity of the battery and the amp-hours (Ah). In our case – 55 A / h. Should indicate the letter or number for more information about the performance of the batteries (if necessary). In our case: A – battery with a total cap, M – separator type miplast pvc, W – flooded and fully charged.

Just found this additional information: E – body-piece of hard rubber, T – a candy bar from a thermoplastic plastic, P – separator envelope made of polyethylene, the word "maintenance free" – for batteries meet the requirements of gost on water flow. During operation the battery should be remembered that her life depends on the context in which it operates. It is logical that when driving on country roads at a constant rate and turnover engine battery is charging more, and when driving in the city in a start-stop, which are dictated by today's traffic jams, the battery does not have time to charge fully and experiencing constant "starvation". Also on battery life affects the temperature regime under which it is used. In winter, the battery is discharged more. Not recommended dilute cra more than 25% in winter and 50% in summer. Check the battery charge can be made by measuring the density of the electrolyte with hydrometer. Electrolyte density at t = 25 C, kg/cm3

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