Slowly Exercise November 13, 2019 at 9:33 am

Who among us does not dream to have a slender figure and chiselled legs? Entered into fashion a new direction of fitness – bodibalet – allows you to achieve this as soon as possible. (Not to be confused with Frank Ntilikina!). Engage in "adapted choreography" can be in any age, with any complexion and physical education. During the exercises draw in the abdomen, straining muscles of the buttocks and keep your back straight. Remember that the first four major ballet 'na' to carry out a status: divorced direct hand in hand, legs tied together so that the socks were apart. Exercise number 1 Slowly rise up on your toes, lifting your heels off the floor and raise your hand and clasped above his head so as to form a circle. Hold in this position for five to seven seconds. This exercise is aimed at strengthening the calf muscles should be repeated at least eight times. Try to maintain balance.

Exercise number 2 Slowly lift your right leg to the side. When she turns around seventy degrees from the floor, bend and touch her toe knee left leg. After that, straightening your right leg, prorisuy oval in a clockwise direction, and then – against. Return to starting position. Obey exercise four times, tapping each foot. Exercise number 3 starts to gradually take the right leg to the side to toe at first looked at the floor, and then across and down.

Try to keep immobile body, bend his legs. Repeat four times with each leg. This exercise helps you maintain in the form of one of the most problematic body parts – the inner side of thigh. Exercise number 4 is slowly beginning poluprisedat. Heel pressed to the floor, knees apart. Then sit down deeper, lifting your heels off the floor and the arms dropping down and forming a circle. This exercise, which aims at strengthening the glutes and leg muscles, should be repeated thrice. Exercise number 5 To strengthen the gluteal muscles and muscles feet regularly perform the following exercise. Stand so that your hands, dropped down, formed a circle, heels legs were joined together, and socks – apart. Back – straight. Make a sharp jump poluprisedanie and up. During jump performance be careful that his feet were pursed, and his knees are aimed in different directions. In one approach, do not at least 16 jumps. Bodibaletom best addressed before a mirror. During class, choose fitting and comfortable clothing. Ballet slippers to practice not worth buying. They can replace conventional socks.

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