Spiritual Training June 19, 2013 at 5:36 am

To propitiate that it carried out the triple training is necessary that educational institutions incorporate to your practice, techniques of meditation, yoga, tai chi, activities focused on the art and courses of self-knowledge. Training in the spiritual dimension, form individuals free and intelligent, able to see the consequences of his actions, having all the necessary knowledge to develop equipment and substances that cause destruction and damage to others and nature, do not do so because they know that doing so hurts himself; become aware of only taking the necessary environment to live in harmony with everything and the laws of nature. Between greater is their advance in transcendence, less needs will be for goods and passengers satisfiers, life becomes more simple and quiet. An education in the dimension spiritual, form individuals even-handed that may see from the clarity of their minds, their actions will be always aimed toward honesty and justice, disapproving corruption, abuse, slander and abuse to all living beings. The formation of honest and responsible professionals will bring a less troubled world and current vices may be eradicated because they will be professionals aware of their acts. Will also form individuals who seek harmony through dialogue and consultations in the search for truth and the welfare of all, always in this way will be better citizens, parents who know how to educate their children in understanding and harmony, which will give as fruit happy beings living in peace with themselves and their surroundings. Actions and way of thinking of these students habituate to their environment, with friends and relatives, generating synergy to lead a peaceful life and harmony, creating more awareness of the treatment of human beings and nature. An Educado world in the spirituality, will be a world of harmony, in that every being can experience the right has to be happy, trusting their peers, feeling its fullness and unity with the universe.

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