Sports Oblique September 27, 2019 at 11:42 am

After you work out all the repetition on one side, turn over and do the same number of reps for the other side. Make sure that throughout just set the hips were rotated by 90 relative to the torso. Tips Do not try to raise his head and shoulders as high as possible! This not only enhance the effectiveness of exercise, but also can lead to injury (vertebral crush you discs at a time when he bent spine). Do not do this exercise if you have enough flexible hip joint. You should be free to hold the hip rotated by 90 relative to the torso. If you do seriously, you'll likely perform lifts the torso diagonally, rather than twisting, which is extremely dangerous for the spine.

Hold your breath for a while lifting your shoulders. This will give additional strength and allow better concentrate on reducing the oblique abdominal muscles. Detached from the floor just head and shoulders. Lower back is always pinned to the floor. Flexion occurs exclusively in the thoracic spine. Trying to raise the entire torso, you reallocate the load from the oblique muscles on your lower back.

Keep the head and neck in line with the spine, do not turn and tilt head. Do not pull the head with her hand. Raise your shoulders only through the efforts of oblique muscles. Application Who: Athletes mid-level training and above. When: On the day of training the abdominal muscles, the final exercise for the press. Before oblique twists work out exercises for the lower and upper part of the press, such as reverse and Standard twist. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-25 repetitions. Sports Oblique twists are important for balanced development of all the abdominal muscles as a whole, as well as to strengthen the lumbar region and prevention of spinal injuries. Strong obliques play a decisive role in carrying out strikes by turning the body in tennis, hockey, golf, boxing and martial arts, with pan and tilt the torso in different directions during the game situations in football, handball and basketball.

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