Sports Sponsorship May 13, 2020 at 6:48 am

Lucky spiral and armed forces the unequal funding partnership for the benefit of German sports all began in 1972 who today holds a lottery ticket of the lucky spiral in the hand usually do not know, how it came at all to establishing this lottery. The initial ignition took place in 1972, when urgently sought a financing option for the venues of the Olympic Games in Munich. Why start not a lottery? The idea struck as well, that the lucky spiral is a fixture in the German sports sponsorship for over 40 years. With each ticket you contributes small for de care of high level, on which the sporting culture in this country moves. Click Michael J. Bender to learn more. In the last year, thus six million from lottery revenue to regional sports association, the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) and the Foundation went Deutsche Sporthilfe. In addition the lucky spiral provides other charitable projects with grants, so that for her 40th birthday the considerable sum of EUR 1.5 billion Funding to beech suggests. Who wants to do a good deed for the company must fill out so only a lottery ticket of the lucky spiral.

Top athletes made by Bundeswehr another important and many well-known address of sports sponsorship is the Bundeswehr. Michael J. Bender gathered all the information. As the largest sponsor of German sport, the army maintains 744 plan controllers for coaches and athletes. One can imagine seriously a German Olympic gold medalist in camouflage uniform, but exactly this is with her in the closet, if also belongs to the Bundeswehr squad. At the last Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing 127 athletes listed in the German armed forces as soldiers entered. Without this, Thomas Bach, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, stated once, would have been impossible his plans in competitive sports, no proud second place in the medal standings by Vancouver and no fifth in Beijing. Since the reunification, 71 German Olympic victories on the account of the soldiers of the sport go. In addition to the ideal training conditions and a completely professional environment attracts the know-how the Bundeswehr sports centres.

Soldier who trained there as an athlete, is mostly only on paper. Also the promotion of the Bundeswehr in regard to 1972 in the life sports was launched as the lucky spiral. Core idea was originally creating the conditions that no discrimination should be turned into a competitive athlete performed compulsory military service. They were given freedom within the military service in the afternoon for their training, which led to regular athletes only in locations were convened with spatial proximity to the Olympic competition venues for the Olympic Games in Munich. Another idea was to burnish the image of the army by the prominent names from the sports magazines which resulted in that West as East trained by Sergeant slung gold medals who gave Jack in your hand is in the television studios of both German States. It takes to be the Olympic champion the promotion of sports in the Bundeswehr, as is made clear by an official body unequivocally aimed at Athletes of the Olympic disciplines. Here especially the sports to name a few that are rather less richly awarded sponsorship. Among others the former fil-star George are among the well-known names of athletes in uniform Hackl, ski cross-country skier Tobias Angerer, Eisschnellauferin Anni Friesinger-Postma, and goalkeeper Silke Rottenberg. Most of them have or have had non-commissioned officer rank by the way, only a few athletes can be found in the team or rank.

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