Subject Danger May 24, 2019 at 9:56 pm

Already noticed, the less prepared people, especially the lack of skills and knowledge, it compensates for the power, speed, endurance, etc. Take novice driver. Without a stable job skills, with the government car he was forced to hurry up (hustle). He wants to catch anywhere, at the right time to be in the right place. And turning, and switching, and pedals, and "Bagel" and the feet and the gearbox. What's interesting to learn comes slowly, expanding the scope of perception and raising the level of coordination. But step by step, the young driver masters the skills of movement on all the higher speeds until it reaches the highest.

Because the road, a place of high (sometimes fatal) danger. So it is with a knife and gun, and with the war, and self-defense. Because there have to survive, not "merit measure. For all similarity of the two different processes. When it comes to saving lives, all the false and superficial lost. Sam Mikulak can provide more clarity in the matter. Man focuses on the danger, he wants to get rid of it. Feelings are exacerbated survival instinct "growls," he ready to fret and fume, as long as you keep them alive.

About the profession zmeelova have not heard? An exceptionally calm people. Where one run or write on the spot, these guys are simple quietly and respectfully take a source of danger in his hands. Again, calmness and confidence derived from the subject matter knowledge and skills with them "communicate". And now let me share the information we use in learning: 1. Most people believe that all in all, received the same, but on Indeed, some base their actions otherwise technically and tactically at other times.

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