Swimming May 13, 2020 at 6:48 am

XTC is sports general facts of swimming, different Schwimmstile and swimwear swimming one of the healthiest activities, that there, swimming positively affects the body in many ways with the help of water features, is suitable for people of all ages and is also only a very low risk of injury. In contrast to many running sports, bones, joints and the spine are facilitated by the buoyancy while swimming in the water, what can prevent various diseases, such as for example the herniated disc in regular exercise. In the water, as well as all the muscles are beanprucht, where the muscles in the arms, as well as in the upper body – depending on the stroke will be increasingly trained. Swimming affects particularly positive on the cardio vascular system, because the pressure of the water helps the venous reverse flow and relieves the heart as a result. The circulation is stimulated by the water temperature and the lung volume is positively influenced by swimming, what in a regular rhythm of breathing is the result. There are various Schwimmstile Schwimmstile, however, the breaststroke, crawl, backstroke and Butterfly swimming are best known. Swimwear long time was inferior to swimwear of human skin on the flow characteristics in the water, therefore the swimwear was used mostly as short cut. Smooth gliding with good flow characteristics is particularly important for the speed in the water.

When swimming or bathing suits is to be observed that this always should be applied for better flow characteristics on the body. XTC Sport offers a variety of different swimming pools and bathing suits. There are various styles of swimsuits, which are divided as follows: “short skin” the thighs are covered “Leg Skin” legs the legs and the torso are covered “Body” “Full body” covered the entire body is covered (the feet, hands, neck and head are excluded. Certain swimsuits offer compression, improving posture, muscle contraction, and Relaxion.

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