Swiss Watch March 27, 2020 at 1:11 pm

In Switzerland, it was not surprising that farmers in the summer to work on their fields, and winter working on the assembly of watch movements. Details of the various mechanisms and enclosures were manufactured watchmaker. Then they tested the quality of hours that have been collected peasants, and put them in his studio stamp. One of these talented artists village was Jehan-Jacques Blanpen. In 1735 Jehan-Jacques decided to give serious attention to the creation of hours, opening own studio. This year is considered the founding year of firm Blancpain – naistareyshey the world hour mark. The workshop was located on the home farm. There were made hours and taught young people horology.

Create hours now became a family affair for generations Blanpenov. The most difficult time for the brand became the 70s, when the era of cheap quartz watches. When the entire Swiss watch industry was in deep crisis. Almost all time homes were forced to close after failing to cope with the invasion of the Japanese "quartz." The company also Blancpain is on the verge of extinction. But in 1983, Blancpain has again started its activities. The head of the new company was Jean-Claude Biver, for which the purchase was Blancpain rather more risky than a good bargain. The new factory was opened in the town of Le breaststroke. This area is famous for its long-masters, and there was a small number of known time companies.

Over 265 years of its existence, Blancpain has not made the light of any one or quartz digital watch – it is a philosophy and credo of the company. Today the company produces a large amount of precise and reliable male and female mechanical watches. The company has such well-known as the Fifty Fathoms watch for diving, which were together with Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in his voyages, the first the world's smallest round female watch Ladybird, creating hours-minute tutoring, issue of the miniature world in a split-chronograph and tourbillon watches. The company also has created the most complicated watch in the world in 1735, which consisted of 740 parts. To this day, more complex watches no one has produced. In 1992, Blancpain has created a collection of sports watches in 2100 with a 100 – hour power reserve. These watches have automatic chronograph with indicator of lunar phases. In 2000, the most important international exhibition in the premiere Basel steel watch Tourbillon Perpetual Calender with automatic winding. And today the company Blancpain pleases its fans with new high-precision, reliable and stylish watches. The store Molltaym presents the best Replica Blancpain watches in Russia.

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