High Resistance

The synthetic polymers can be gotten by three processes, involving reactions of addition, condensation and modification of other polymers. (MARINE, 2005). The PP, material to be used in the process of injection for attainment of the components of the fans manufactured for the G12 is gotten through the process of poliadio reaction, where the monomers […]

The Commission

The implanted system was of absolute the separating type, innovation in Brazil, that until then it used the English models, unitary or mixing; they had been constructed thus, 115 km of collecting net and 9 elevatory stations, which pumped the sewers for the Elevatory station of the Cabanga, of where the effluent ones were launched […]

The Work

We believe that this lack of reference is exactly in the fact of that all the researchers even believe that really the process continues in control after findado the auditorship, because the proper process praise this situation. 4.1 The collected data. Based in data collected in the questionnaires applied to the collaborators of the companies […]