Property: The Chronicles Of Crisis

The financial crisis that now cover the whole planet, especially reflected in the global real estate markets. Sad but undeniable fact: neither the American nor the European markets were unable to offer a catastrophic decrease in property prices no appreciable resistance. Unpredictable, which acquired the pricing of real estate and construction, made previously denied optimistic […]

July Rubles

In July 2008, the average cost of rental housing in the city of Ufa on all types of apartments was 12 650 rubles. For a month the price rose by 2.3%, the network of estate agents "Expert". The average bid price on the market rent in Ufa in July were as follows: 1-room apartments – […]

Building Sales

In other words, they will fall to less than apartments. There will be a redistribution of apartments for rent in favor of contractors. A flat for sale in the buildings constructed at a reduced scheme would not be cheaper, because the same contractors will not engage in charity, bringing down prices on goods if the […]