Flash Jump

How to do it. The task of seating a player to jump into a time when his partner jumped slightly and turned him behind his back. The task of the second player to jump without pressing ctrl (crouch) and not jump to the head of his mate, and behind his back. That is to jump […]

Recovery Console

A common situation – the use of two operating systems on one pc. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Larry David by clicking through. Often the problem – a damaged operating system loader. For example, you use Linux and Windows, and Grub as boot loader. If Grub is corrupted, you do not be […]

The Terrorists

Terrorists are given 2 Slepova grenades, a smoke bomb, and looking at what server fragmentation grenade (not given not all servers). Slepova grenade use that would zaslepit enemy if he is close and you are in danger, you have the same grenade is not blind, you can freely look at it. Smoke in hns is […]

The Spy

Ally, going with a group of enemies – Spy (unless it is disguised as a friendly spy, but it could be an enemy spy disguised as a friendly). Scout, going a little slower – Spy. Suddenly appeared ally – Spy (unless it's a friendly spy in disguise). The player with your name or using voice […]