Taking Tests January 29, 2019 at 8:56 pm

I think very few people are going to take a test quiet always, however much you've studied, there is the fear of not remembering or make you one of those questions they know that no student knows the answer, either because it is a " Chimento "or because it is something that was discovered recently and has not become known to the student. As they were engrossed in conversation, almost do not hear that the secretary was calling for a second time, the last in rushing, Carelli Gladys tone .- "My God! – Gladys said with a sigh. "It's my turn. Please wish me luck girls .- "You know very well that we need not wish it aloud because we feel from the bottom of our heart – Ruth replied," but because you want it LUCK! –LUCK! – Repeated Natasha loud enough, as the secretary to hear and make him a wink .- Go now and crush them with your knowledge .- Gladys came in the 25th minute with his head down and staring at the floor. Natasha Ruth and covered their mouths with their hands in horror and said almost in unison "God, you went wrong! I can not believe .- ran to embrace in a gesture of consolation and when they were about to do, Gladys burst out laughing. "The deception! The cheated! – Said while clapping his hands. "They fell two with my performance, right? -" If you have not seen him grace to what you've done! – Very angry Ruth said.

"You gave me a scare of a novel .-" We gave a scare Natasha novel, "he said. "They are jokes to do in situations like this," Excuse me, I did not think they were going to take offense. Many people make this joke with friends and family. Ye are exaggerating a lot, "said Gladys ruefully. "Exaggerating! – Ruth said very angry – we've been dreading this every minute of the last days. How many times have we raised in this conversation? And you have the nerve to tell us we're exaggerating? All we thought we would if someone was wrong and you come out so cheerfully doing a performance to make fun of us! "Really, girls, Gladys shame said," I never thought they were going to take so bad. Forgive me.

Did not come with any intention of scaring them. Just wanted to laugh a bit to see their faces, "Very funny," said Natasha air of offended "And you had fun a lot with our" expensive "? .-" No, I got no chance, "said Gladys" since I was attacked as if they were fending off a shark. "Okay," I forgive. How was the exam? They said nearly a duo Natasha and Ruth & n bsp; '.

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