Tents September 14, 2019 at 9:02 am

However, the luggage must be replenished by a number of things. First and foremost, you need to take a tent – it will be your home for the holidays. Now that they have to spend not just days, but nights will be required sleeping bag and trapiki – they will become your bed. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners have to prepare themselves and, therefore, need to bring your camping cookware set: pots, ladle, pan and set in the common people called "KLMN" – mug, spoon, bowl, knife. And, of course, require a series of products: canned goods, cereals, pasta, bread, salt, tea – at least for the first time.

Then stocks can be replenished in the near village. Walmart contributes greatly to this topic. As the hotel services are not available, not Remember to bring a towel, soap and shampoo. But from the dryer will not refuse: to include it anyway nowhere. Elegant evening dresses and shoes, too, are deleted. Instead, add a second pair of comfortable shoes, another set of clothing and insect repellents: in our lane without them it would be difficult, so why spoil your holiday? Like all packed And the list of things we've already decided. It now remains to see how these things are delivered to the point destination. The choice again depends on the type of recreation and transportation, which will take you on vacation.

For air travel the best option for packing a suitcase of things will be. Firstly, it is usually closed to the castle, which will guarantee safety of your belongings. Second, the case has a rigid frame and sometimes the walls that protect your property during the loading of the luggage compartment. Third, virtually all current models have a retractable luggage handle and casters for easy movement on smooth surfaces, so you do not have to drag things through the airport and then on the street to the transfer bus or taxi.

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