The Court December 9, 2013 at 11:41 pm

It is with the development of these key strokes begin training for future players. It should be noted, however, that the lessons tennis impossible without specialized equipment. The basis for successful the game is a good statement of the case, flexibility and mobility of players. And if the first two conditions are satisfied by the quality of training, in order to meet a third of them, some training is not enough. In the process Games athlete’s foot goes through three phases of motion: the contact with the surface of the court, the intermediate phase and repulsion. To stop an athlete is not injured during the game, only need to use specialized tennis shoes.

Their sole has a unique, zigzag tread pattern that provides a tight grip court. Heel tennis shoes should be well fortified in order to avoid injury to the ankle. Weight sneakers should be small for ease of movement the player on the court. Different manufacturers use their exclusive development to improve technological characteristics of tennis shoes. Thus, the firm in the production of asics shoes is repelled from the physiology of motion of the foot during the game.

Since the phase of contact with the surface of the court is in the heel area, namely at her company’s specialists make the first accent. In the heel tennis shoe asics is a gel that when heated (in feet of contact with the running shoe) takes the form of heel player that provides the effect “Glove” of shoes and does the leg too much freedom of movement. In the intermediate phase is the whole foot comes in contact with the surface of the court. To increase the stability of the foot and prevent strain in the shoe provides the lateral strengthening the outer sole. Specialized structural sole helps to “deeper” to sit down with repulsion and increases the height and length of the jump. With the passage of the repulsion phase the emphasis is on the toe tennis shoe. That is why it is equipped with a gel insert and stitched on the technology that provides customized fit as tight shoes. All used innovations made to speed up the game, make it as efficient and minimally traumatic. When selecting equipment should also be aware that the specialized form of tennis and accessories for tennis, today are made using high technology and have huge advantages in comparison with non-professional outfits.

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