The Fear October 6, 2019 at 9:02 am

That is to say, one is free to decide that way to take in the life, independent of where she has stopped myself, I always say the important thing is not where these today, but where you see tomorrow is where she is that you are in this day, anyone or all the senses of the life, you can be better, you only need to see it and always to believe it with all the forces of your heart and after that, ponerte to work hard to obtain it, determining goals clear and WRITTEN WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM Every day already we will enter more detail, but so far I say to them that this is really magician, when your you write what you want to obtain, independent than it is and the area that is, and it sights and you read several times every day, your mind assumes that he is real and is put to work to obtain it, it do not give account you and you begin to generate new, propose ideas, your changed attitude to in front to the life, now you do not pass you occupied grumbling, if not that now you occupy your time in productive things, really you become completely, and this generally affects the people but near and together they begin a new stage of the life, where the things are seen of a pretty color but, now the problems happen to be opportunities to improve and to continue growing in this way to secure objectives, now you look for to make more things, you dare, independent of the fear to fall, so that you even feel the forces for levantarte with but desire and impetus that before, thus are one hundred times those that you need to return to begin you feel that nothing will stop to you, because your task only finishes when you achieve the independent objective than it happens, the film only has a end, To obtain it and they create it or no, when a human being this with that attitude against the life, obtains always sooner or later it. .

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