The Figure July 28, 2020 at 1:33 pm

“Sexy appearance suit and dress perfect for the red carpet” in any year, there was so much material mix and color for bridal gowns as 2013. In the cuts has become overall not much changes, is worn, what flatters the figure just simple, classic or extravagant. New is that completely different substances usually already daring creations are lush combined with lace and feathers. It sparkles and glitters and embroideries have high season. Sports apparel is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What the breath away will allow bride and groom and guests with admiration: the bride in light blue, light green or apricot noise dress with waves draping tulle fabric or with Ruffles. With incentives is not gegeizt”, so an another creed. Deep cut-outs, especially at the back, will enchant. Gymnast contains valuable tech resources. The accessories put then one on it.

They have to be colorful and striking. The waist should be emphasized with large fabric flowers or fabric belts color-coordinated on the central theme of the wedding. Brooches experience a revival. Well, if there is still an heirloom in the jewelry box with precious stones. In the groom fashion accessories in striking colors and patterns play an important role: cuff links, Einstecktucher, gloves, neckties, or long time out flying accents to the otherwise rather unremarkable suits in black, grey, Earth or shades of blue.

In the cuts, the fashion designers put on a slim silhouette. “In terms of individuality now wedding ring designers follow suit: rings can be create in the Configurator by clicking request model” so far, it was rarely possible. Whether a couple for the popular white gold, Platinum-resistant or cheaper Palladium decides depends on the budget. What many happy: fair trade material is now almost everywhere available. “Forever in memory star suspicious images fully understanding wedding photography is new: already in the time before the wedding make of the lovers couple photos in the normal” outfit, but make-up and styled itself. Impressions titled behind the scenes”complement the photo report on the wedding day. Motives of the makeup can do so and tightening its photographer is everywhere. In style weddings, the photobooth has”prevailed. These shots are covered due to the motto made. The after-wedding shoot, usually only taking place weeks after the wedding ceremony is becoming increasingly popular. Here, the photographer can easier play outfit with scenes, run as the woman in the wedding dress and sneakers across the meadow. On such a day, it’s not tragic, if the hairstyle in place, a spot on the suit or polluted the hem of the gown. A stylist is part of it, can be repeatedly changed the makeup. Because the shooting nothing to chance will leave and the wedding photos in every lifestyle magazine would fit, it must of course be presented within an appropriate framework. We therefore a varied selection of high-quality processed albums is with real leather and fabric covers in trendy colours and patterns of traditional artists of the Papeteriehandwerks”, Sylke reported man. Also our Guestbooks are made for eternity. You have pages of acid-resistant paper, the ink does not fade even after centuries. These high-priced items are ideal as a wedding gift.” Marketing director Edith axe added: gifts of money are also most welcome. One of our surveys revealed that is 85 percent of Vermahlenden most about cash forward original packed of course. That’s why we have extended our online shop. As we recently even at a wedding fair in Munich, our booth visitors were highly impressed with hand-felted Eierwarmern in the form of one Mice – or goat pair with veil, tie and a small pouch in which you can put bills.”

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