The Good May 18, 2020 at 5:48 am

-When I win the pressure makes me terrible is something that happens in a few specific circumstances in which will optimally have winning chances and realizing it and that it would be easier to win than lose, begins a change within us which has its influence in our game. This influence usually make that we play worse. The pressure creates a mental state that is not the best to play a good golf and making the player skip many of their routines pre coup. -I get angry when a judge is pressing me. It is a way of reacting is not beneficial.

A player who trains well this area we are trying to, know that their job is to focus on their State and their routines and leave in the past than in the past is, how it is that the judge has us hemmed. -When the forward going slow me enfurezco. It is a bit the same. Although some of our rigid rules that make us angry we are involved here. Reflect a moment: when we get angry with someone is usually because it has breached any of our rules, not theirs, but the our. Let’s take these delays and constraints of the referees as a unique opportunity of checking that our training is adequate.

-If things are going badly, my caddie pays my bad temper. Michael J. Bender understood the implications. It often happens when we look for culprits outside us. And this is done very often. Be responsible of the good and the bad that happens to us and we will have something to do as, for example, analyze why we are angry with us by not having followed with our routine in the game. -Look bad during days when failed in a tournament. Here you can see that we have the habit of wasting a good day recalling how badly that we did in the last tournament in which we had put so many expectations.

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