The National Championships Of Hunting February 17, 2020 at 8:26 pm

There are many forms of hunting, and although the saying that for tastes the colors, or why same, falconry enthusiasts can practice several of them, both at the amateur level as more or less professional. Someone who is accustomed to using the shotgun to go hunting might be surprised how much fun that is the arc to carry out the same activity. And if we do not believe you can go this month of September through Aragon, where the 15th Championship of Spain of tours hunting simulated with ARC and the 16th Championship of Spain of fighter flight with bow will be held. In the first category there will be about 100 participants, while the second will be 10 couples them part of the Championship. The tests, to remember are national, will be held from 10 to 11 September in the Aragonese town of Sabinanigo. The event falls within the 17th edition of the fair of hunting and dog, adventure sports and nature Cazataria and is organized by the Spanish Federation of hunting with the help of the Aragonese Federation of hunting, the Diputacion de Huesca, Aragon Government and the municipality of Sabinanigo. And it is that it seems that the community of Aragon is going to tip over at this event which is held for the first time in this region. In words to Europapress from Pilar Sanchez, the delegate of hunting with bow of Royal Federation Espanola of hunting competitions, is always good to celebrate this kind of competitions in places in which almost no one practice this sport since, it may be the start of a new hobby for young and a little older. So you know, if this September you have the chance to go through Sabinanigo, maybe the start of a good hobby..

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