The Organizers January 12, 2020 at 12:48 am

But we do about it to anyone not whining, not complain. And not because they are strong in spirit, just from that, we will not be easier. AKP – is the ability to quickly and soberly assess the situation, when the eyes appear hallucinating from exhaustion. In this case we have a friendly smile, easy to communicate with a partner, when on his stupidity like yell at him or send him to hell. AKP – is the ability and desire to enjoy good fortune of others, when this success is built on the defeat of our own team.

Rejoice not because they are better, smarter and better prepared – no. Just your team is not lucky, because initially were not a level playing field, and were not equal to no fault of the organizers, but simply because they were …. AKP – is our desire to witty, joke, vigorously encouraging others to night transitions, realizing that the only way we can survive a little longer than usual. At the same time struggling with his own weariness, as against our will close their eyes, and we sleep on the go, while slowly climbing up the serpentine road to the next pass with a backpack for more than thirty pounds. AKP – is when, because of his own his own negligence, stupidity, ignorance, and hindsight to endanger their lives, and along with all this sporting activity as a whole, all of that titanic organizing the work of many people, professionals in their field, having spent a his best years.

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