The Social July 28, 2019 at 12:56 pm

There are some strange aspects that do not distinguish from conventional relationships: we try always our “equal” is the content to be expressed, is the way they write, it is to convey the personality or the social class to which they belong. From there we started small distortions make now changed – the reality – so it has our “portfolio” not behind our “peers” and thus a multi-year commitment, carefully presented and seem very interesting and authentic imagine that the eyes see. They start small competitions, just like it outside of the virtual environment. However we have provided attitude flexibility rather unusual and courageous, as we us the extent of our condition essential mere “avatar” and only one click, and we are no longer there. We are no longer what we did or said. But it has acquired ambiguous state, its price and its limits: all attempts extension of relationships outside of the virtual environment – providing opportunities for a flirt, which turns it managed to exist in romance for example – very little probability of flowering it synchronously, a continuity have, if we in the real world can not keep, what we appear aware of the virtual.

Also, expectations and Idealizations, validate the us the other and vice versa. It would be the perfect translation of love, comes from the narcissistic fantasy of others be in his instinctive and child. I see more success in the context of friendships started virtually. Certainly virtual relations, for the most part, are tightly bound and in the half, they began to be, above all, too shallow and quick, because the rhythm of the environment, this requires. This is the same rate that the nuances, to distinguish and sometimes impossible relationships, and stand to receive, which brought into the world of virtual reality, is not with brings.

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