The Terrorists April 12, 2020 at 2:33 am

Terrorists are given 2 Slepova grenades, a smoke bomb, and looking at what server fragmentation grenade (not given not all servers). Slepova grenade use that would zaslepit enemy if he is close and you are in danger, you have the same grenade is not blind, you can freely look at it. Smoke in hns is designed to 'freeze' the player, if you throw it near the ct, it freezes on a small time. Be careful, saber freezes as counter-terrorists and terrorists. Frag grenade is designed to remove the life from the enemy, damage is not great, takes about half of his life. If the enemy is chasing you and where it fell, he took away life, throw him a grenade at his feet and he dies, if it gives you a fragment.

2. How to get frags. There are many ways to get frags in hide & seek. I'll tell you about all the ways. If you play for the terrorists, then you running away from the enemy, the end of time, and you're alive, you are not caught, your account will be added 1 frag.

If you're playing the terrorists and you have a frag grenade and your opponent a little life (hp) then you throw the grenade and get 1 frag. If you play for the counter-terrorists and kill the enemy, you are given a fragment. 3. How to jump. There are many ways to jump than usual. Basically this lj – Long jump, cj – Count jump, bj – bhop jump.

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