Toyota Auris Car February 15, 2021 at 8:11 pm

Automotive industry under pressure: new car prices 2010 in descent / choosing the right car insurance brings additional cost advantages of several hundred euros a year Berlin, December 15, 2009 – bad news for the automotive industry good for new car buyers: after the recent forecasts of the Association of the automotive industry (VDA), the sector expects a difficult year 2010. The global auto sales will grow easily in the coming year. German new registrations, the Association, however, expects a huge slump in 2.75-3.0 million vehicles. Especially the micro – and small-car segment will come under pressure, as this last most benefited from the scrapping premium. For new car buyers, recent developments create enormous savings. Because here the vehicle owner doubly benefited on the one hand by the high estates of the car dealers, which were according to industry experts for certain models such as the Toyota Auris in November of this year to 48 percent. On the other hand go the prices of car insurers for new cars very much apart.

As the consumer portal currently calculated on the basis of three exemplary profiles, annual savings of up to 51 percent can be alone by choosing the right car insurance. Every new car buyer \”has the possibility to decide, because the previous insurance contract with the cancellation of the old car automatically turns off for a new insurer, insurance expert Thorsten Bohg explained by The insurance comparison is worth here especially because many insurance companies offer special discounts for new cars. When purchasing a new car can be most insurance with a discount of the initial owner. But also eco-discounts for environmentally friendly vehicles are now common\”Bohg. Small car, Edelkarosse or sports car has one desire for a new car fulfilled, the car insurance comparison can significantly reduce the cost of the car. Depending on the profile of the driver and vehicle model are cost benefits of several hundred euro possible.

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