Transfiguration September 6, 2018 at 5:11 am

Every man, think about the question of the Transfiguration of the territory of his plot, definitely wants the best way to embody this idea. Understandably, the lawn – it’s that element of the garden, which brings together all its other elements. As a background, and for existing buildings and decorative compositions, emphasizing their architecture and coloring, and a living green cover for recreation and for the children, and pleasing the eye, the most ambitious part of the interior region, ie must perform practical and aesthetic functions. But at the same time, poorly made grass – it is neither more nor less – annoying and frustrating 7-8 months of the year. Embodiment of the idea of creating high-quality lawn can be task is not easy as the first and a second opinion. Lack of confidence in a polished end result makes it risky to take on this initiative on their own.

A desire to save may turn profitable overspend when purchasing materials and that too may be on payment for work on the alteration or repair. And also, add here spent time in the writings of summer vacation and “headaches” associated with it. Very relevant in addressing this task expertise, and critical thinking for you and for you, guaranteeing you the end result, as appropriate. Where and at what prices to buy fertile soil? On what exactly should be to stop the election? Which layer will be optimal? Do I need to drain, and how? Can I do the existing soil on the site? What kind of seeds, how much you choose? What if a site in the shade? Timing, weeds, caring and many other issues confronting performer. Our 11 years of experience in addressing these issues, formulate a rule of quality work and the absence of conflict as well, no major complaints about the quality of our work to the testimony. We offer device lawns the following:-Ordinary lawn. The most common type of grass, characterized by flexibility and plasticity in the destination operation. Combines the quality of the parterre and sports lawns, ie decorative and resistance to trampling. rnia.

Used the seeds of several grass species. Ground-grass distributed at the parks. Decorative. Characterized by the absence of weeds and low rates of resistance to trampling and . It is not used for walking on it and has a value as a backdrop. Use one kind of grass, rarely a mixture of two kinds. Sports-turf. Lawn for recreation. Requires powerful device topsoil and mandatory powerful subbase drainage. Resistant to trampling, but requires greater care. The most time consuming and expensive to create. In the mixtures used by white clover. -Roll lawn (as a kind of ordinary). Used rooted 3 – year-old sod, cut and rolled into coils. Creating produces immediate effect. On turnkey basis for 1 day probably put about 5 hundred square meters of lawn. The proposed lawn-very high quality.

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