University Admissions Office September 3, 2019 at 6:56 am

It also has the cooperation of professionals in different areas of knowledge. Programs, elaborated by these experts, are designed according to the fundamental principles of virtual learning: flexibility and self-learning.The month of September classrooms were opened for the first time. They are composed of about 200 students from 49 different nationalities. These first students have accessed the teachings for free. Anyone entering the next quarter will have to pay a small amount for tuition, which oscillates between 15 and 50 dollars (from 6 to 33 euros) and another by the examination fees, between 10 and 100 dollars (from 6 to 66 euros). The final price will be adjusted on a scale based on the economic situation of the country of origin of the student. ore in-depth analysis. On the other hand, materials and others training resources are free.Currently, there are available four training programs in the following areas: Administration and business management and computer science. The courses have a duration of four years organized in academic semesters, after which students must pass corresponding exams.

Although the titles that are obtained after completing the lessons still have not obtained the proper accreditation by educational agencies, expected that before the complete formation period already is available. Steps to enroll the essential requirements to be met by applicants for this University are as follows: having reached 18 years. Having a title of post-compulsory secondary education (bachillerato). Have knowledge of the English language. The first step to be given to start the process of admission to the University of the people is to fill in the on-line application prior to the deadline for the quarter in which the student wants to enroll.

The form It includes the personal data of the student and an essay of between 400 and 500 words written in English on the motivations for studying at the Center.Once this step is complete, the applicant must send by postal mail to the University Admissions Office documents attesting that it meets the requirements: copy certified title of post-secondary education (degree baccalaureate in Spain) and results of the TOEFL test, if it had been made. It is necessary to also attach a signed copy of the application.The University is not obliged to admit all applicants. Entry criteria that apply include the availability of space in the program that the student has pointed out and assessment of the possibilities of the applicant to pursue successfully the teachings.In addition, all prospective students are required to participate in two orientation courses before being selected. One of them allows them to acquire the computer skills necessary to pursue programmes and another, check your competence in the language English, essential for the adequate development of the training. At the conclusion of these courses, applicants must overcome a final exam as a requirement to begin studies in the University of the people. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.

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