Various Elements April 1, 2019 at 3:27 pm

Fire-fighting equipment is a combination of prevention, containment and extinguishing fires. Each element of fire safety is a functional load and has importance as an independent unit. However, the effective result in the case of an emergency is only achieved when the smooth operation of all interconnected components. That is why it is important that selection, installation and maintenance of the system was carried out with the assistance of qualified professionals. The main components of fire-fighting equipment are as follows: fire extinguishers, hydrants, nozzles, fire hoses, connecting fittings, equipment, as well as boards and cabinets for storage devices. Fire extinguishers – are devices that, depending on its type, charged with a specific substance (water, powder mortar, carbon gas or a combination composition) and are designed to eliminate ignition.

Species diversity of fire extinguishers due to the need to localize all possible ignition source in a variety of conditions. For example, on high settings is unacceptable to use foam fire extinguishers are used gas equipment options. For residential premises, as well as quenching of solids and liquids using water extinguishers, and for gas – powder. Hydrants – this installation, whose purpose – withdrawal of water from central water system for fire fighting purposes, what happens with the help of firefighters columns, which in turn attached hoses. According to him the source of fire quenching material submitted. The sleeves have a wide range and differ in characteristics of pressure, temperature brittleness coating diameter. An important element are the stems, forming a continuous stream of water and sends it to the epicenter of the fire. To combine the components into a single system, using a special fixture, which includes connectors, adapter heads, clutch and etc., are important devices for storage of fire extinguishers. Fire cabinets of different configurations can help a convenient and accessible in an emergency way to arrange all the components: hoses, fire extinguishers. A shield will be a repository for inventory. With proper installation, debugging and location of firefighting equipment, as well as the characteristics of the premises, fire protection is guaranteed.

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