Village Organizers February 20, 2020 at 1:56 am

Crisis, I do not know how to say, gone, not hand, perhaps subdued, but no matter, corrected some real estate prices. And at the same time he developed a taste for the consumer. Consumers today do not want to buy first got the property, paying no attention to quality. Speaking candidly Larry David told us the story. Gone are the days when viewed as an investment object. Today's market requires high-quality facilities. Analysts estimate the company rbc, since two thousand and ten was an increase of transactions on suburban real estate market.

This increase was due to the emergence of enough high-quality proposals that will enable consumers, without a definite rush to select objects and to demand more for this discount. The real estate market emerged in our relatively recent, it it is still quite young. Today the real estate market there are many companies – real estate agencies. Whose quality is almost impossible to verify. But the progress of development has not been canceled. Company leaders would soon begin to dictate their terms, which would have to take all market participants.

Returns to the organization of a new cottage community. Where to begin, as before simply select a desired piece of land, to bring the communication to him, not now happen. Today is cottage community – it's a lifestyle. No developing the concept of a country holiday, a new gated development is impossible today. Branding agency, which created a vision of the future cottage village, came up with the name of the cottage community, and develop a system of positioning of the village market, takes for its services about one million rubles. It turns out that only one of intellectual property is a cottage settlement results in that amount. Result Work brendigovogo agency will brand book, a book, a plan of branding activities. With this book by positioning in the market. The result of the branding agency – recognizable concept village, where television advertising is in the perception of the consumer, and at the mention of the name of a cottage settlement with consumers having the association, which is developed in conjunction with the branding agency Organizers of the village. Branding is not a little village an important step in organizing a new cottage . Today, no brand, no positioning, selling houses has become very difficult. Another step in the organization cottage village will be market research cottage settlements.

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