Vuelta Aragon Bearn May 18, 2020 at 1:56 am

Lizarran, leading chain of pinchos and tapas in the world, has starred in through one of its franchisees Vuelta Aragon Bearn. Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. The franchisee of the Ensign in the Tarragona city of Reus, Joan Pere Ferran, is responsible for the sponsorship of Club cyclist Alcanar, one of the amateur teams with more history of our country. Thanks to the passion for cycling of this entrepreneur, professionally joined the chain in leading franchise in restoration, the Lizarran Alcanar, which is called the equipment, it is about to turn 40 seasons in competition. The new appointment of the corridors of the classic green Jersey and yellow has been Vuelta Aragon Bearn, who started to compete on August 2, being the first test a time trial through the streets of Zaragoza, and ended 4. The 42nd Edition of the vuelta Aragon Bearn has been organized by the Ebro cyclist Club, and has counted with the participation of 15 teams, as well as the Lizarran Alcanar, 10 of them Spanish, 4 French as well as the selection of Argentina. In total 96 corridors which, besides the time trial Zaragoza, have traveled almost 300 miles on journeys between Huesca and Col Portalet, and Biescas and Cerler. Dario Gadeo, runner of the UPV Bancaja, has risen with the yellow Jersey, while the dorsal Lizarran Alcanar, Gabriel Lorca, 41 finished 34 seconds.

It is a test with great tradition in cycling, which began to be held in 1956, and which have had athletes like Pedro Delgado, Laudelino Cubino, Marino Lejarreta or Fernando Escartin. This kind of initiatives by the franchisees make Lizarran a business concept where in addition to quality food and good prices promotes health through nutrition and sport. Why this network of taverns, which boasts more than 160 local and international presence, continuously organizes all kinds of events, like a football tournament 7 in Madrid, or the most recent promotion on the occasion of the popular San Fermines. And is that escapes no one that these are times of sharpen the ingenuity to reach out to new values and motivations of customers. Lizarran has managed to position itself as a pioneer of a concept in restoration that includes the benefits of the modern gastronomy next to the quality of the traditional, also becoming the exporter of culture of tapas in the world. This Spanish Ensign has firmly opted for the values of the Mediterranean diet to combine entertainment and good food.

All caps and traditional dishes are elaborated with top quality Spanish products. Information corporate Lizarran tabernas selectas chain created in 1988, belongs today to the number one company in restoration in Spain, Comess Group. Since the creation of the company in 2003, this giant of the hospitality industry has experienced significant growth and today is one of the world leaders with more than 300 operating facilities and presence in 11 countries. This group, which also boasts renowned brands such as Cantina Mariachi, Pasta City, Rock and Ribs and China Boom, more than 175 million Bill of euros per year.

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