World Trade Center May 20, 2020 at 6:56 pm

One day in the typical JN is the heading of the third chapter. Starting of the seven hours of the morning until the end of the day, it speaks on guidelines, breechings, VTs, the patrol that is carried through through phone calls made for ' ' table of produo' ' the producers of journalism of the 121 integrant senders of the net, the comparison of a meeting of done box has years behind and currently, it explains in details as &#039 is composed; ' espelho' ' made for the publisher-head. At last, the third chapter shows as they are made ' ' scripts' ' , that it understands the elements cited above and plus a bit things. The abrangncia and the gravity of the implications of the facts are gifts in the room chapter: Primary criteria. The drama lived in 11 of September of 2001 is counted for Prompt Jorge in a description that discloses the moments of terror of hundreds of people who were next to the World Trade Center. The weight of the context that will be shown has the duty to contain the information more important of that day. William Bonner speaks on the complicated situation of when a notice of last hour appears that needs to be published, making with that the script of the periodical is changed in air, for he himself, while the viewers attend some VT. The fifth chapter speaks on the secondary criteria: complexity of the notice and the time in the days where they exist many important notice and they need people to select them ' ' more obsessivamente' ' , as Bonner explains. Meeting of Mirror: The Hour of the Cheirosinhos. The sixth chapter speaks on the work of the publishers who arrive per the morning and explains the reason of the nickname ' ' publisher cheirosinho' ' for that they arrive at the work per the afternoon.

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