We could say, that an emotional factor affects the affective balance, generating a disequilibrium. When we unbalance in them affectively, we affect tnus vascular; of the respiratory ways for example, where bacteria and/or viruses lodge themselves, what it makes in them to develop cooled constant, for example. Then, we say that the emotional states intervene […]

Third Pure Command

One notices in almost all the posters, the drawing or feminine figures. Some with mantles light, as they were saints, others portraying the mother. The available equipment is only two and exactly thus functioning of form precarious, with the tremendous screen the entire time. When the 6 pupils enter in the room, the first question […]

Robin Williams

To know to think is to doubt its proper certezas, to question its truths, is to be in the world and with the world, as historical beings, with the capacity to grow and to intervine in this world. Also pointing out, that to educate it is not to transfer knowledge, but to acquire knowledge on […]


With this it will be able to understand its emotions behaviors while dependent and thus will be able to choose other destinations and alternatives. The work will have as base injunctions, through interventions to brighten up psychic, social, affective, emotional the misalignments, and as consequencia to improve the interpersonal and biopsicossociais relationships. The Familiar Psycotherapy […]

The Teams

That is, such social reorganization in the work forms was more than enough so that it produced in the general population feelings of frustration, competitiveness and other decurrent psicossociais tensions of this dificultao of the possibilities to survive the society adequately (ZANELLI, 2004). with seqente technological development, the insertion of new professionals in the work […]

The Leadership

Another negative point is the brutality of these people. They treat the others as if they were true swines. Because a person only is in a lower rank, she does not mean that it is not a human being. She is for that today they exist enslaved than old. Who is not nothing today is […]

Diet And Nutrition

It analyzes of the maintenance of the diet with nutritionist and the possibility of the change for the second diet. L. 102; L.K. 74,600; E. 62,500. In this meeting the base and to verify as it is the feeding, what if it can move. E. told that it had a disequilibrium in virtue of some […]


Maybe this is the answer to the above described case. Science is aware that some animals are able to see what can not see the human eye. They are more receptive to the energy shell of the body. These animals include cats, as the most sensitive animals, more dogs, snakes and mice. These Representatives are […]